The Primed for the polls approach

Portraits des quatre chefs de partis politiques du Québec en 2018: François Legault, Philippe Couillard, Manon Massé, Jean-François Lisée. Par Martin PM.(Illustrations by Martin PM)

Primed for the polls looks at indecision as a phenomenon worthy of interest in and of itself instead of treating it as an obstacle to predicting results. The objective of the site is not to predict election results (Too Close To Call and Qc125 already do a good job of it), but to see what we can learn about voters by taking a closer look at polls.

This approach is no better or worse than building projection models, it’s just different. It isn’t meant to reach the same goals.

The Primed for the polls approach reflects the outlook of an organizer who never had the luxury of private polling or focus groups to better understand her voters. It therefore seeks to milk public polling to extract as much information as possible to identify the people who could be convinced to vote for a given party.