Marie Léger-St-Jean

Photo de Marie Léger-St-JeanI’m an Election Nerd™: I use a VPN to watch results pour in in foreign elections in countries for which I don’t even understand the language (I’m looking at you, Netherlands!). I was born in Palo Alto and bred in Montréal, lived in England for 2½ years and dutifully listen to Pod Save America, the FiveThirtyEight Political Podcast, the Slate Political Gabfest, and the NPR Politics Podcast.

(During the 2016 presidential election, I tuned in to The Pollsters as well.)

For 12 years, I was involved in progressive politics in Québec, first with the Union des forces progressistes, which merged to form the current Quebec Solidaire. When I retired in 2016, I was in charge of elections at QS. I’ve also worked for the Green Party of Canada and the city-level party Projet Montréal.

I earn a living as a freelance data analyst, translator and proofreader. I also lead a secret life as a book historian.

I am an avowed Rachel Maddow disciple, I have a crush on Steve Kornacki and I still lament whiz kid Harry Enten leaving FiveThirtyEight.

Despite what the deeply missed Andrew Miller, once my professor, would like to say, I’m not related to “Léger Léger Marketing” (pronounced with his delightful anglo accent). My dad however has been President of the Statistical Society of Canada.