Martin Patenaude-Monette

Autoportrait de Martin PMI’m a graphic novelist and cartoonist who specializes in comic reporting and non-fiction. When I’m not producing popular science content, I enjoy tackling sociopolitical topics in comic or graphic-novel form. Here’s a sample of the sociopolitical reporting I published in recent years: Le Bonheur en transition, in Nouveau Projet; Le Temps du renouveau, 1967: la visite du général de Gaulle au Québec, and Le Caribou voleur de jobs, in Planches magazine.

Despite my love-hate relationship with first-past-the-post, it’s the voting system I know and understand best. It comes as no surprise: on top of keeping a close eye on all provincial elections in Quebec and federal elections in Canada, I’ve been involved in party politics from 2003 to 2015, first with the Union des forces progressistes and then with Quebec Solidaire. I played an active role in five campaigns —in Montreal, in the Eastern Townships and in the Bas-Saint-Laurent region— and led two of them.

Putting up signs, phone banking, door-to-door canvassing, communications, flyering, managing volunteers… I’m well-versed in all aspects of the ground game! It’s a part of campaigns that evolves with technology, but is underrepresented or badly analyzed in the mainstream media. And it can be the deciding factor in close races.

Despite my past involvement, I’ve never been a huge fan of party lines. For the last three years, I’ve moved away from party politics to be able to cast a cold and more detached eye over it.